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Company Establishment

We provide establishment of companies in turkey by the best legal specialized accountants to ensure your ideal company establishment

What is a limited liability company?

Is a company established by at least one of the real persons or legal entities and fifty at most, and the liability of the shareholders is limited to the capital subscribed and paid by the shareholders. A capital of TRY 10,000 is required as a minimum for the establishment of this company for a one-person company and TRY 12,500 for two persons

What are the joint stock companies in Turkey?

The Company’s share capital is divided into shares and the shareholders’ liability is limited to the subscribed capital paid by the shareholders. At least five shareholders (real persons or legal entities) and a capital of at least 50,000 new Turkish lira are needed to create this type of company. The company’s mandatory organs include a general assembly, a board of directors and an oversight board.

What are the recommended companies in Turkey?

Is a company established to run a business under a certain trade name. As the liability of some shareholders is limited to the capital subscribed and paid by the shareholders (financiers), there are no limits on liability for some shareholders. Only legal entities are funded. There is no minimum capital requirement. Shareholders’ equity and obligations are determined through the Statutes.